OKness have been central concepts in TA scene from the outset. They are arguably closely related to most, if not all other TA concepts. However, relatively little has been written about them over the years. Berne briefly referred to „Three Handed“ positions in What Do You Say After you Say Hello. (pp.90-91)
This extension to „two-handed“ OKness has received almost no attention since that time. Chris Davidson have spent ten years developing theory and application around what he refers to a Three Dimensional OKness – in brief, I’m OK, You’re OK, They’re OK.
For Transactional Analysts, and in particular those in the Educational and Organizational fields, this extension is crucial. For anyone working in a social context – with groups, teams or in organizations or schools, simply having „I“ (or We) and „You“ (singular or plural) fails to recognize the complexity of social relationships in these settings.
This one day workshop will look in depth at OKness in this fuller context, exploring other areas, such as the relevance of recent research on the development of the brain and in particular of the limbic system – in our visceral sense of OKness.
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